This open symposium will highlight cutting-edge global health and microbiome research being performed at Cornell and Weill Cornell Medicine, elsewhere in the U.S., and in other countries by our collaborators. The goals are to stimulate and solidify interested in this multi-disciplinary topic at Cornell, and provide an opportunity to form and strengthen research ties between Cornell and international scientists to propel research at this intersection.  To register & submit a poster abstract, go HERE.


This symposium will take place in the Physical Sciences Building in room 120.  


8:30 AM

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Ilana Brito, Assistant Professor, Cornell University

Emmanuel Giannelis, Vice Provost for Research

8:45 AM

Impact of HIV on Gut Microbiome in Pregnant Women in India

Jyoti Mathad, Assistant Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College

9:10 AM

Stunting in the Context of Microbes and Global Health

Noel Solomons, Executive & Scientific Director, CeSSIAM

9:35 AM

Microbiota, Obesity and Metabolic Disorders: Results from a Cross-Sectional Study in Children from Rural Mexico

Olga Garcia, Professor, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

10:00 AM

Precision Measurement Tools for the Microbiome and Global Health

Iwijn De Vlamnick , Assistant Professor, Cornell University

10:25 AM

Coffee Break

10:40 AM

Mechanistic Insights into MCR Colistin Resistance

Youjun Feng, Professor, Zheijiang University

11:05 AM

Tall Tales of the Tubercle Bacillus: One Microbe, Many problems

Kyu Rhee, Associate Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College

11:30 AM

Effect of Febrile Malaria on Infant Gut Microbiota

Nathan Schmidt, Associate Professor, University of Louisville School of Medicine

12:00 PM


1:O0 PM

Targeting the Microbiome of Insect Pests for Crop Protection 

Angela Douglas, Professor, Cornell University

1:25 PM

Transmissible Components of the Gut Microbiome
Ilana Brito, Assistant Professor, Cornell University

1:50 PM

Environmental Enteropathy and its Role in Childhood Malnutrition & Vaccine Failure

Asad Ali, Associate Dean of Research, Aga Khan University Medical College

2:15 PM

Coffee Break

2:45 PM

The Potential of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in Translational Microbiome Research for Global Health

Majdi Osman, Clinical Program Director, OpenBiome

3:45 PM

Poster session

5:00 PM

Closing Remarks & Poster Awards

6:00 PM

Banquet for Workshop Attendees & Symposium Speakers